Mass Immigration May End the Careers of Two Mass Immigration Politicians

The irony of Berman’s circumstance is that he has done more than just about any other member of Congress to create the very situation which may end his political career. Since first being elected to Congress in 1982, Berman has fought tirelessly for mass immigration and mass amnesty.

Howard Berman

“The revolution, like Saturn, devours its own children,” observed Georges-Jacques Danton, a leading figure of the French revolution. Danton had good reason to feel that way, as the executioner’s guillotine was about to separate him from his head for the “crime” of being too moderate as the revolution turned increasingly bloody.

Howard Berman and Charles Rangel may soon have a better insight into what Danton was feeling in 1794. Both of these long-time members of the House of Representatives are in danger of falling victim to the mass immigration revolution they led or abetted. Berman is engaged in a political life-and-death struggle with fellow incumbent Brad Sherman in Los Angeles’s shrinking middle class suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. California’s redistricting commission carved up Berman’s old district to reflect the demographic realities created by years of sustained high levels of immigration.

Across the country, Rangel, who has represented Harlem for more than 40 years, is facing a tough primary battle in a newly drawn district where Latinos outnumber blacks. Age, poor health, and ethics issues also dog Rangel, but it is likely he would have coasted to a 22nd term in Congress if not for the immigration-driven demographic transformation of his constituency.


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