Nadra Enzi: “Are Angry Liberal White Men On The Rise?”

More commentary from Mr. Enzi: “Angry liberal White men are a thorn in the side of a Democratic president seeking to hold the center so he can win another four years. More press on Far Left political criminals could mean more reasons for White Independents to vote for a candidate with a more stable base.”

This trio allegedly plotted to bomb Obama’s campaign office

Asks the moderate-conservative Republican blogger in Louisiana: “Lately Occupy Wall St. affiliates and related movements have had angry liberal White men accused of plotting to blow up bridges and even firebomb the President’s Chicago Campaign headquarters. ‘Angry White men!’ is a phrase usually associated with conservatives and Far right hate groups. Fairness dictates asking are these cases on the Far Left isolated or symptoms of something more sinister….and widespread?”

He continues his commentary: “Black men know only too well that our words can be spun to whip millions of frightened White folks into a politically useful frenzy. The same holds true for angry liberal White men. Images of long haired anarchists terrify Mainstream (i.e White) America to its core. From a security perspective please consider anarchists don’t look ‘suspicious’ like, say, Arabs or Black folks. They blend in with the general populace and thus don’t raise threat flags unless they go out of their way to call attention to themselves. Akin to demonic possession being Anarchist While White causes policy makers; homeland security and police officials sleepless nights. That’s why a White man who calls himself an anarchist makes the alphabet soup more nervous than a dozen brothers holding Black Power theater at a press conference somewhere. Unseen; unsuspected, Anarchists While White can be anywhere; at any time and are impervious to the usual (sometimes bias driven) methods of identifying security threats.”


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