Police Union Sues LAPD Over Car Impound Reprieve for Illegal Aliens

Indeed, a 2011 AAA study titled “Unlicensed to Kill” found that unlicensed drivers are five times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes and more likely to flee the scene of a crime.

Sanctuary City Clowns Villaraigosa and Beck – putting the needs of illegals aliens ahead of public safety.

Finally, a voice of sanity has emerged to stand against the madness that is America’s Sanctuary City – Los Angeles.

The Police Protective League (PPL) – the union that represents Los Angeles police officers – has sued the city and Police Chief Charlie Beck this week over his disgraceful new policy that allows illegal alien unlicensed drivers to keep their cars instead of having them impounded for 30 days – as California state law mandates.

We profiled Beck’s announcement last month that the LAPD would “ignore” state law because “it’s about fairness“ to illegal aliens. Chief Beck – who is nothing but a lapdog for Mayor (and former MEChA radical) Antonio Villaraigosa – actually said the law was “unfair” because it would limit illegals’ ability to get to their jobs and impose a steep fine to get their car. (Of course, they have no such sympathy for legal citizens whose cars are impounded). Beck has showed a total disregard for both state and Federal laws that make him unfit to wear the uniform.

Well Beck and his boss may put the needs of illegals ahead of the safety of the public, but the police themselves have no such luxury. The union says they filed the lawsuit on behalf of its officers, who they say will be open to lawsuits if an unlicensed driver they stop later hurts or kills someone.


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