State legislator appeals to Hillary Clinton for help on the Texas border

“Everybody’s fixation in this argument has been focusing on our federal government that has failed all the states. Now let’s go to the source point of where the illegal immigration is resonating from and it’s not only resonating, its encouraged and facilitated by a country that has a zero illegal immigration policy in their own country.” Texas State Rep. Lyle Larson

Hillary Clinton

The Republican Texas state representative who made headlines earlier this month with his demand that Mexico repay the cost of services provided to illegal immigrants is taking his concerns to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“We need to have somebody intercede on our behalf,” Larson told The Daily Caller. “We’ve spent over three decades now requesting the federal government step up and secure the border and control the illegal immigrants flowing into the state. We haven’t seen any meaningful change in the immigration flow.”

In a letter Larson sent to Clinton this week, the state representative made his case for a “bilateral” conversation with Mexico about the costs and burden associated with illegal immigration.

“In addition to working to secure the border and to effectively address illegal immigration, the U.S. government must also make a sincere effort to reduce the financial burden associated with hosting illegal immigrants on the states and provide support to the border states to address any other bilateral issues that arise,” he wrote in his letter to Clinton, cc-ed to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, and Texas Rep. Francisco Canseco.


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