Why liberals foster a black ‘thug culture’ by Erik Rush

As a result of media manipulation, abysmal role modeling and a dab of greed, young blacks now see people who ought to be in penitentiaries succeeding materially; thus it becomes acceptable to be an amoral swine, because one’s chances are just as good – or better – of realizing the same success as those who have cultivated decent character and worked hard at something other than pimping and selling drugs.

With the furor over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman on Feb. 26, it quickly became clear that a preponderance of black Americans were buying into the narrative proffered by the establishment press, radical activists and far-left politicos. Generally, they believed that the shooting was an act of murder, that Zimmerman was a white racist and that law enforcement was prepared to evade its responsibility in investigating the incident because the victim was black.

It is not my intention to expound further upon this phenomenon, although the dynamics are quite significant. Instead, I’d like to shed light on why so many blacks readily react to racially charged incidents in the way they do and how this is used to further fortify the left’s political influence over black Americans.

Blacks have allowed themselves to be defined by the press, activists, politicians and the entertainment media, who have set themselves up as the final arbiters of racial orthodoxy in America. That definition is one that had its genesis in nothing less than the quintessential stereotype of good-old-time bigots. This stereotype portrays blacks as shiftless, ignorant, nefarious, manifestly incapable of holding on to money and wholly preoccupied with sex. You know why they always got sex on the brain? ‘Cause they have pubic hair on their heads, ha-ha-ha!

This, if one examines the so-called culture that is so vociferously defended by many blacks, is most definitively encapsulated in “thug culture,” which has been legitimized in media and which received a shot in the arm in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Indeed, blacks – particularly young blacks – were even more so encouraged to embrace and flaunt the thug image, if for no other reason than to protest the shooting.


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