‘No mosques on Swedish soil’

‘No mosques on Swedish soil’, ‘No more rapes’, ‘Multiculturalism? No, thanks’ – those are just some of the bold slogans adorning nearly one million glossy pieces of literature being distributed by our nationalist friends in Sweden.

The National Democrats (Nationaldemokraterna, ND) have produced designs for six new leaflets and 21 stickers for their biggest-ever leafleting drive outside of election time.

In total, 800,000 leaflets and 24,000 stickers have been printed.

All the material is colourful and well-produced and contains hard-hitting messages on a range of policy areas, including immigration, Islam, the environment, employment, the economy and supporting Swedish businesses.

Each leaflet features an explanation of ND beliefs, with an overriding message of ‘a national, free and Swedish Sweden’.

· The recruitment leaflet, entitled Get Active, states that Sweden has taken in 1.8 million immigrants since the 1970s, 1.1 million of them from the third world. This is made all the more startling given that Sweden’s population is just 9.5 million.

· The Islamification leaflet (Islamisering? Nej, tack!) warns that Sweden will become a Muslim country if present day immigration trends continue. In the 1970s, Sweden’s Muslim population was 10,000. Now it’s 500,000, and growing.


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