‘Counterterrorism Czar’ Says Every U.S. Company Has Been Infiltrated by China

Who is it we should be most afraid of when it comes to cyber attacks? According to Clarke: China. He said that the countless amount of electronic material imported by the U.S. from China could be implanted with “‘logic bombs,‘ trapdoors and ’Trojan horses’”.

Richard Clarke claims every U.S. company has been penetrated by the Chinese.

The April issue of Smithsonian Magazine focuses on Richard Clarke, a man who has served as the “counterterrorism czar” under three presidential administrations. In the feature, Clarke makes some strong claims, the most notable of which are that every U.S. company has been penetrated by China through cyberspace and remains vulnerable to attack, and that the United States made and launched the infamous Stuxnet worm.

Clarke, who is famously known for warning the White House to expect a “spectacular attack on American soil” from Al Qaeda and after 9/11 said “Your government failed you,” is now issuing another warning. Ron Rosenbaum for Smithsonian writes:

Clarke now wants to warn us, urgently, that we are being failed again, being left defenseless against a cyberattack that could bring down our nation’s entire electronic infrastructure, including the power grid, banking and telecommunications, and even our military command system.

“Are we as a nation living in denial about the danger we’re in?” I asked Clarke as we sat across a conference table in his office suite.

“I think we’re living in the world of non-response. Where you know that there’s a problem, but you don’t do anything about it. If that’s denial, then that’s denial.”


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