VT Governor Wants to “Make Sure” that Police “Look the Other Way” From Illegal Aliens (Video)

None of this appears to be sitting well with governor Shumlin, who said in an interview with WPTZ News’ Stewart Ledbetter “We kinda look the other way as much as we can and I just wanna make sure that that’s what we’re doin’”

Vermont State Police discovered and turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol two suspected illegal aliens and apparently, Vermont governor Peter Shumlin (D) is not pleased with the efforts of police to abide by immigration law.

According to the Vermont State Police, the two subjects were passengers in a vehicle stopped by a trooper on September 13 for traveling at 88 mph in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 89 in the town of Middlesex. The driver provided valid identification and then later released with the possibility of a future civil citation.

However, during the course of the traffic stop police learned two passengers were allegedly residing illegally in the United States. Troopers contacted the U.S. Border Patrol and agents issued an Immigration Detainer requesting that the Vermont State Police detain the individuals until their arrival at the Middlesex Barracks.

The U.S. Border Patrol then took the subjects into custody and following a brief skirmish caused by several protestors transported the two to their facilities.

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