Ted Nugent: GOP storm brewing

There is a GOP storm brewing on the horizon and it’s not a storm to rip the GOP base apart, but rather a gathering of the Republican faithful to unite and change the course of the country.

Oftentimes, a 500-mile auto race is decided in the last couple of miles, sometimes the last lap. The first 495 miles are a survival-of-the-fittest endurance test of mechanical genius, unbelievable driver skill and concentration, masterful pit crew logistics that are measured in seconds, and luck – lots of luck.

The last five miles is when all the stops are pulled out, the pedal mashed to the metal, cars and drivers pushed to the edge of their breaking points. Car owners, crew chiefs and pit crews can do nothing but watch, cringe, cheer and hope at this point.

In the GOP presidential race, Mitt Romney is currently ahead of Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul by a couple of hundred delegates.

Some mathematically argue that Mitt Romney, who I endorse, cannot be caught at this point, that his delegate lead is insurmountable.

Mathematically insurmountable lead or not, the race goes on with contenders such as Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Paul with few delegates and even less gas in the tank.


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