The Real Trayvon Martin Scandal: Minorities Have Bigger Problems Than Trumped-Up Hate Crimes. So Does America.

“As a mother and grandmother, I am confident that black and Hispanic women weep for the loss of their children. But the first step in stopping the carnage is to talk about the facts: whites rarely kill blacks. And Hispanic family values often mean violent gang activity.”

Trayvon Martin, a black 17-year old, was shot in Sanford, Florida on the night of February 26th. George Zimmerman, the man who killed the boy, says it was self-defense. The police did not arrest Zimmerman. [For the received version the facts, see The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained, By Adam Weinstein, Mother Jones, March 18, 2012]

The family of the dead youth and many local black residents have been claiming that if a black youth had shot a white man, the black teenager would be in jail. Maybe, maybe not. But that has nothing to do with the facts in this case.

Because Zimmerman, as you can see below, is Hispanic—not white.

Moreover, in a letter published by the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, Zimmerman’s father describes his son as “a Spanish speaking minority with many black family members…” who grew up in a multiracial family. [George Zimmerman’s father: My son is not racist, did not confront Trayvon Martin, By Rene Stutzman, March 15, 2012]

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D.-MO), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, believes that this is a federal “hate crime” and that it should be investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice. There have been marches, petitions and demonstrations against Zimmerman’s supposed “racism”—and that of the Sanford police. Rev. Al Sharpton is making his presence known as well.

Apparently, no one has seen a photo of George Zimmerman or heard that he is Hispanic. Would they be crying, “hate crime” so loudly if they knew Zimmerman is Hispanic?


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