Offensive food names to be banned in Austria

Would you like some gypsy schnitzel? How about some wh*re’s spaghetti? No? According to food experts in Austria the time has come to ban the use of discriminatory names for food.

The Telegraph reports that foodies in Austria have claimed that the offensive names for certain types of food should be abolished and replaced with names that are more acceptable. Sounds reasonable. We’d be pretty embarrassed if we had to ask for some wh*re’s spaghetti in a restaurant in fairness…

Apparently restaurateurs will no longer be able to include Zigeunerschnitzel (gypsy schnitzel) or Mohr im Hemd (Moor-in-a-shirt) on menus in the Alpine country. They have also been asked to remove a type of bread that has an extremely racist name associated with it.

The association of Austrian restaurateurs said that while many of the names had a long, historical heritage, they were now completely unacceptable.

Could you imagine asking for some gypsy schnitzel if you were out having dinner with a girl? Well, it’d be an improvement on asking for the wh*re’s spaghetti, but it still probably wouldn’t go down too well…


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