Victoria Jackson: Thoughts on Andrew Breitbart

He was always too busy to have a real conversation, so when my friends at Courage, NH were shooting Andrew in his debut acting role, I volunteered to drive him two hours home from the set, just so I could be with his brain for an uninterrupted dialogue.

I know where I was standing when I heard it.

My first thought was “foul play.” He exposed Weiner, who is best friends with the Clintons, who have a reputation for disappearing people. He exposed ACORN, and Pigford and told everyone at CPAC 2012 he was about to reveal something about Obama. My second thought was simply “exhaustion from saving the world.” My last thought was “I love him.”

Andrew was a tornado of truth and I was in awe of him.

He was always in a hurry. I said, “You created the Huffington Post?!” He said, “And, I only made $ 250,000.” Once I asked him if I could tell the story of the night I spent in his house. He said loudly, “I don’t care what people say about me! All press is good press!” or something to that effect.

Barreling down the 210 freeway, in 2009, mentally going over my notes, because I was to give my third political speech, (how did that happen?), my cell phone rang. It was Breitbart! How did he have my number?! I barely knew him. In CA it’s illegal to talk on the phone while you are driving so I kept checking my rear view mirror, while speeding, so, double breaking the law. Andrew said something like, “It’s so great what you are doing! You are like the average housewife who has never been political and is suddenly fighting for freedom! You will inspire so many people. You will go down in history, not only as one of the first who changed Los Angeles from a 100% liberal town to an at least 50 – 50 town, but who also saved America!” His words were more erudite than that and he did go off on random tangents, but that was the gist of the call. He was encouraging me. This was such a strange thing for Los Angeles. People compete, they don’t encourage.


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