Cultural Marxism on the BBC (Video)

Can we imagine for a second if black history was subjected to this degrading treatment? It would not be tolerated for one second and the BBC taken to task for racism and hate crimes by the ECHR, but in this brave new world British history is allowed to be distorted beyond recognition.

It is well known among nationalist that the BBC is the propaganda wing of the state, which pumps Marxist propaganda into the minds of British people under the guise of entertainment 24 hours a day. No better example of this exists than the children series i stumbled across earlier today called “horrible histories” on CBBC (C standing for Children), CBBC is aimed at children between the ages of 6-12 years of age.

Young British children are being humiliated, their history ridiculed and distorted by the politically controlled BBC, destroying their sense of identity, is it any wonder that according to a study carried out by UNICEF in 2007, of 21 industrialised nations British children were considered the unhappiest? The Marxist propaganda carries on behind the closed doors of the classrooms producing children that are not educated but indoctrinated with far left ideology.

What about British achievements in architecture, medicine, politics, science, philosophy, agriculture and of course our wonderful history, how different would the world look today without the British contributions?


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