‘Greece Under Pressure’: Beck’s Amazing Midnight Visit to Athens

As we talked with more passersby about the situation, two self-proclaimed anarchists approached us. They were in a zombie-like state, both carrying beers but appearing to be under the influence of something else as well. They asked what we were doing. We said that we were trying to understand the riots and the graffiti. One kept repeating that “Anarchy equals Freedom.”

Glenn Beck in front of a warning from Greek anarchists.

For over a year, we’ve heard dire warnings that Greece is teetering on the brink of a catastrophic financial collapse. The country has already been bailed out by the European Union once, but more money is required. Complicating this problem is the fact that a meltdown of the Greek economy would likely trigger serious problems or a domino-like collapse in countries like Spain and Italy.

As the European finance ministers debate the size, scope, and conditions of a second Greek bailout, the country has become increasingly volatile. Riots and demonstrations are happening on a regular basis. And last week, two of the protests degenerated into violent outbreaks that torched buildings and destroyed millions of dollars in property.

We happened to be in Rome this weekend with Glenn Beck (on an unrelated project), and it was decided that a quick visit to Athens might offer some eyewitness clarity on the situation. Beck stated that he hoped to gain a deeper understanding of the problems faced by the Greek people. The details of the trip will be shared on radio and television today. Plus, a mini-documentary on “The Real Face of Greece” and what Glenn discovered on this trip will also be seen this week on GBTV.


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