One Percenter Kanye West’s Charity Gave $0 To Charity by Ben Shapiro

This is the same West who attends Occupy Wall Street rallies wearing gold chains and a $400 shirt….he had his bottom teeth replaced with diamonds.

According to the Daily, Kanye West – the same fellow who suggested that President George W. Bush hated black people because he didn’t do enough about Hurricane Katrina – has a charity that spent $572,383 in 2010 and gave $0 to charity. That’s right — $0.

In 2009, Kanye was slightly better – his foundation spent $553,826. A grand total of $583 ended up going to charity. The people who work at the Kanye West Foundation grabbed most of the cash in 2010 (some $340,000); professional fees took up another $111,250.

Where does the money come from? Much of it comes from West personally – just under $90,000 in 2010. West Brands, his company, ponied up to the bar for $35,000 too. The charity is being dissolved, and its website has been removed from the internet.

So what was the purpose of the charity? Originally, it was supposed to decrease high school dropout rates. It was founded by West’s mother. After she died, the amount of the actual donations dropped dramatically.


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