E-2 Investors Visas Revoked—Maybe They Should Move To Honolulu

“Hawaii is only tentatively connected to the rest of the United States. The Japanese elite there do things for their own benefit and that of their fellow countrymen, not of or for America. The Japanese have finally won the battle of Pearl Harbor and they won it with fraudulent E-2 visas.”

A couple who run a restaurant in Massachusetts had their visa revoked. The couple, Ibonne Zabala, of Colombia, and Oleg Konovalov, from Russia, had a trendy bistro, French-South American cuisine of all things, and have been living in the U.S. on an E-2 Investor visa for years.

The E-2 visa was created for non-immigrant aliens to invest and manage (this is important), a profit making enterprise that has significant economic impact (this is important as well). According to the Department of State (DOS), the impact of the investment must be significant.

The Boston Globe February 22, 2012 by James H. Burnett III

The Story Behind Bon Savor’s Closing

The little Jamaica Plain bistro chugged along after its popular owners went to Bogota on vacation and were prevented from reentering the country. A neighbor restaurateur is opening a spot in the space. Former customers and locals are puzzled and wonder.

What happened to Bon Savor, the popular French-South American bistro that occupied the space for six years until abruptly closing a few months ago? And what happened to Ibonne Zabala, 36, and Oleg Konovalov, 42, the always smiling couple who owned Bon Savor?


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