‘Immigrant crimewave’ warning: Foreign nationals were responsible for a QUARTER of all offenses in London

EU laws also restrict the Government’s ability to send criminals back home after prison.More than 11,000 foreign national offenders are behind bars in England and Wales.

Eastern European criminals were responsible for more than 11,000 crimes in London last year.

Nationals of Poland, Romania and Lithuania are most likely of all foreigners to be prosecuted by the police, an investigation has revealed.

Overall, foreigners are accused of one in four of all crimes committed in London.

Astonishingly, they make up nine out of ten drug suspects and are responsible for more than one in three sex offences.

The figures will give force to warnings of a growing ‘immigrant crime wave’.

Four years ago, foreign nationals were found to commit one in five crimes.

A string of horrendous attacks carried out by Eastern European criminals in recent months has raised concerns over the lack of checks on new arrivals.

Earlier this week a Polish burglar was jailed for at least 34 years for the murder of an elderly couple in their home – just one week after he arrived in the UK.


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