We Are Governed by Mice, Not Men

You know when a government is a moral wimp. It has an invisible but very evident imaginary banner above its head saying “there’s nothing we can do”. But there always is, if only they had nerve or the moral courage to act for the people.

Abu Qatada hasn’t been deported yet

In Sussex a “traveller” (gypsy) family was told to remove an illegally planted caravan. The non-travelling travellers are appealing – right up to the Supreme Court. Now that takes a lot of lawyers, meaning a lot of fees, meaning a lot of money. But not for the truly impoverished.

They get the lot on you and me. It’s called legal aid. But if you have private assets legal aid is removed. unless you are politically correct…

This particular family has just ordered a £20,000 new mobile home, which had to be towed through tiny South Harting with a pricey (but free) police escort. Destination? The illegal site. As they are not you and me it’s all on the house. And they still get legal aid, in breach of all the rules.

A few miles away in West London lives freshly released Abu Qatada… on the taxpayer. An estimated £50,000 a year is ingested by the Qatada family – housing, schools, family allowance, the lot. All right, so this merchant of hate cannot achieve gainful employment. But he has more than £170,000, formerly impounded but now presumably released with its owner.


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