The Year of the Dragon is also the Year of the Baby

Many Asian American families are preparing to grow in the Year of the Dragon, which according to centuries-old tradition is a particularly promising year to have a child.

The dragon dance celebrates the lunar new year at Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the United States.

Taiko and Gemma Chen may not celebrate all 15 days of the lunar new year, nor do they believe they are sweeping away prosperity by cleaning the house. But there is one centuries-old tradition the Asian American couple still swears by: having a baby in the Year of the Dragon, considered the most auspicious year in the 12-year zodiac cycle.

“We’re both dragons ourselves,” said Gemma Chen, “so three dragons in the family would be really, really lucky. And we’re 36, so we can’t wait another 12 years.”

In Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian communities across the world, it is widely accepted as fact that each dragon year brings a new wave of dedicated families eager for a “dragon baby.” Every 12 years, media in China and southeast Asia report a surge in birthrates, with some maternity wards limiting the number of patients they accept for the year.

Even in the United States, the allure of the dragon baby still holds for many families.

“We’ve had a 250% increase in Chinese, Vietnamese clients in the last two months,” said Kathryn Kaycoff Manos, co-founder of Global IVF and Agency for Surrogacy Solutions in Los Angeles.


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