How communists co-opted black America

Bayard Rustin, who said that “blacks were ripe for Communists,” was instrumental in the formation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and out of that group has emerged Joseph Lowery and others, who mouth complaints designed to stir the caldron of anger, victimology and rabid hatred for anyone who dares attempt to share the message of truth and life.

Bayard Rustin

If you’re a black who believes that Republicans are equivalent to the antichrist, that the tea party is the equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan and that American has done nothing but enslave and abuse blacks … if you are a black or white liberal who believes that the ills of blacks are the result of white racism, and that blacks are worse off today and that it’s because of corporate and governmental racism … or if you believe that the various areas of disproportionate black representation (e.g., imprisonment, the poorly educated, the underemployed) are proof positive of a racist, white hierarchy – you might want to sharpen your swords because what I’m about to say in this column is going to upset you more than my comment “Given the choice of saving an unborn child or saving a whale, I would choose the life of the unborn” upset a few of those best described as Josef Mengele’s daughters, masquerading as the enlightened, who see murdering the unborn as the highest act of womanhood.

There’s not much in the way of praise I’m prepared to acknowledge when it comes to the late FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover. That said, I am today more convinced than at any time before that Hoover was correct to be concerned about the communist influence upon blacks when he learned Vladimir Lenin had said blacks were a revolutionary class people – albeit, I am so convinced for reasons separate from those of Hoover.

I believe Lenin was saying that blacks were ripe for exploitation by being converted into a revolutionary class – through intellectual corruption and a generational inculcation of victimology – that was/is intended to lead them further from the truth of opportunity that exists in America.

Communists prey upon dysfunction and anger, and where none exists, it is created and fomented. Leninism is built upon egalitarianism, class conflict and dialectical materialism, embroidered in a cheap synthetic fabric of social progress. And none have been led further astray and/or suffered more because of same than blacks. Communism was the perfect elixir to exploit downtrodden blacks easily blinded by resentment, ignorance and fear.


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