SA farmers lodge formal genocide complaint against ANC-regime (Video)

South African farmers in Transvaal Agricultural Union lodge formal genocide-complaint at International Criminal Court The Hague February 2, 2012.

Interview on European Parliament TV with Henk van de Graaf of TLU-SA:


outh African farmers represented in the Transvaal Agricultural Union have lodged a formal genocide-complaint against the ANC-government for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, announced TAU deputy-chairman Henk van de Graaf today..

“The farm murders are not ordinary crimes but fit into the context in which the ANC-regime wants to rid itself of especially its Afrikaner- and other white farmers purely for political reasons. This is in other words, a genocide and a crime against humanity.’

This was the shocking message by the South African Henk van de Graaf, the deputy-chairman of the Transvaal Agricultural Union. He was addressing the European parliament’s international conference, attended by more than 50 European parliamentarians and other high-level functionaries from Great-Britain, France, Italy, Flanders and Austria.


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