Is This Iowa High School Teaching Students Communism Is Better Than Capitalism? See the Flyer

Simon Conway contacted Roosevelt High School for an explanation and was told that only person who could speak for the school on this topic is the principal. The Blaze has also reached out to Principal Kathie Danielson for comment. As of this writing, the principal has not responded.

This curious flyer was handed out to students studying the history of the Cold War at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa.

What do you think the lesson was supposed to be?

Let’s review.

The CAPITALISM side of the flyer shows workers in tattered clothing, chained to a machine that delivers all of the money produced to a cigar-smoking man who is also much better dressed.

Over on the COMMUNISM side, there is no boss and the smiling workers are better dressed, don’t have chains on their legs and the money goes back to them.

This gem was discovered by Simon Conway of Iowa’s Who Radio. A listener who is a parent of a student at the high school, sent the hand out to the radio host. Conway read the words of the flyer verbatim:

“Communism stands for equal sharing of the work according to the benefits and ability. But in Capitalism an individual is responsible for his works and if he wants to raise the ladder, he has to work hard.”


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