Hate Speech Will Evolve into Christian Speech Suppression

Hate Speech got its start on college campuses as Political Correctness; hate speech laws are actually Political Correctness codified into law. Turns out that binge drinking wasn’t the worst thing that trickled out of college campuses onto the American scene: it was political correctness and PC’s steroidal Big Brother, Hate Speech.

Hate Speech is Political Correctness’ steroidal Big Brother.

Ever wonder why it’s a bigger crime to assault someone of a favored politically-protected group? Hate speech makes no sense unless one looks at what it is evolving into. Hate speech is Political Correctness escaping the college campus and running amok down the streets of America. And that’s just the beginning.

NOTE: When the “Hate Speech” laws were first discussed in America, opponents pointed out the superfluous nature of Hate Speech laws. Murder, after all, remains murder–regardless of whether the victim was part of a favored group or not.

At the time, this writer wondered “Why on earth would anyone want make an illegal act MORE illegal for certain, favored groups?” It didn’t seem to make sense.

As it turns out, “hate speech” laws made perfect sense: if one were attempting to outlaw what was perfectly legal under our current Constitutional form of government. Take someone whose religious beliefs maintain that homosexuality is against God and nature–as is still the belief of a majority of Americans. With hate speech, that viewpoint can be made illegal. With hate speech laws in place, those communicating their previously Constitutionally-protected religious beliefs can be stripped of free speech protection and eventually prosecuted for their beliefs.

If this all sounds outlandish, the fair-minded readers need only think of the innumerable articles about Christian symbols, Bibles. Christmas decorations and prayer meetings which have been silenced due to that always-shadowy person who is “offended.” Rarely does this mythical person ever step forward, but he is supposedly the cause of the suppression nonetheless. Americans have been conditioned over the last 30 years that much of Christianity is “offensive.”


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