Awema race equality charity bosses 'bullied staff' claim

A former trainee who worked at Awema as part of the future jobs fund youth employment scheme gave BBC Wales’ Dragon’s Eye programme her opinion of Mr Malik. Naseibah Al-Jeffery told Dragon’s Eye: “He’s a bully, he’s a mean bully. And he would try to intimidate you. And if he found that he could intimidate you, he would do it over and over again.”

Naz Malik has faced calls to stand down as chief executive of Awema

Allegations of bullying and harassment at Wales’ foremost race equality charity have been revealed.

Former and current employees said complaints against two bosses at the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (Awema) have not been properly investigated or resolved.

Awema’s chief executive Naz Malik is already under fire over alleged financial irregularities.

Mr Malik says he will not comment until investigations are concluded.

The allegations centre around Mr Malik and his daughter, Tegwen Malik, Awema’s operations director.


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