Welcome to 'Liars Central': Washington, D.C. by Larry Klayman

So it came as no surprise that House Republicans threatened only to impeach Holder if he does not come totally clean on Operation Fast and Furious. This empty threat is meaningless in the world of Washington, D.C., politics. When was the last time anyone was impeached?

You have certainly heard of and some of you watch “Comedy Central,” home to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and a host of other comedians. But have you heard of “Liars Central,” the show in Washington, D.C., which is not funny, but instead the root of the nation’s ethical, legal and domestic and international decline generally?

Last week, the continuing reality series of “Liars Central” was broadcast and seen in the hearing room of House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, where a bevy of professional lying congressmen from both sides of the political aisle grilled our professional lying Attorney General Eric Holder. It was a “real treat” to see so many liars in one room, a small snapshot of the cesspool of Washington’s corrupt political establishment. The game show atmosphere of the “event” was captivating, but hardly reassuring for the country – which is headed with each passing day into an increasing death spiral of sleaze, incompetence and indifference to the sinking plight of “We the People” caused in large part by our so-called ruling elite. Indeed, we no longer have a republic, but simply a televised tragicomedy I call “Liars Central.”

I am hardly a fan of Eric Holder. During the Clinton years – when he was deputy attorney general – he was an accomplice with Janet Reno, then Clinton’s attorney general, in deep-sixing the Justice Department’s Chinagate investigation by not only hiding evidence of illegal contributions from China and traitorous technology transfers to the communist state, but also indicting a key witness and my client, Nolanda Hill – Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown’s “main squeeze” who attempted to spill the beans on Bill’s and Hill’s bribery schemes with our “little yellow friends” – to borrow a phrase from Peter Seller’s comedic film character, Inspector Clouseau. (See my book for more on this: “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.”) Then, for good measure, Holder was the point person at Justice who assisted the Clintons in selling pardons as Ms. Hillary was walking out the White House door, attempting to also steal the mansion’s furniture at the end of her hubby’s administration.


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