Australia: Day of shame shows why we must stop this racial charade (Video)

Yet one of the protesters, Michael Anderson, yesterday told the crowd that what Abbott had said amounted to inciting racial riots. Which some of the others promptly made a self-fulfilling claim by staging exactly that.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott were escorted by police and bodyguards from a Canberra restaurant after Aboriginal Tent Embassy protesters surrounded them.

So this is what reconciliation looks like on Australia Day, after so many concessions over so many useless years.

Reconciliation means Prime Minister Julia Gillard being trapped by furious Aboriginal protesters inside a Canberra building yesterday for half an hour.

It means Gillard and guests at the Australia Day function being heckled and abused as racists.

It means Gillard, fear on her face, being monstered and falling in the melee as police rushed her to her car for safety, one shoe lost in the crowd.

It means Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also being bundled into Gillard’s car to protect him from assault.

It means protesters trying to block the car with its terrified occupants.

It means them fighting police and vilely abusing them.


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