The statute of limitations has run out on political correctness

Nowadays, failure to comply with these ambiguous speech codes has the potential to remove a person from his or her job. Yes, another way for liberals to destroy wealth and prosperity.

Tim Wise, captain of the race industry, recently wrote a polemic essay about what he calls “Patriotic Correctness.” What is ostensibly a piece about Arizona’s Tuscon Unified School District having their ethnic studies program outlawed because it focuses on one racial group degenerates into his usual tripe about how anyone who favors the policy in question is a racist. But, what caught my eye about this one was not his characteristic rants against any attempt to celebrate or uphold anything traditionally white, Christian, or American. His ilk will always do everything they can to suck the joy out of those things. Rather, it was the following statement that gave me a chuckle:

…the thing they derisively called political correctness was really never more than an attempt by we on the left to get people to not be a__holes (by doing blatantly racist, sexist and heterosexist things)

Isn’t that rich? Let us count how many things are laughable about this comment. Number one, the sentence is devoid of any explanation of what ever qualified the left as final arbiter on what constitutes an “a__hole.” Of course, Wise would argue that the section in parentheses provides all the explanation we need, and we all know that he’s his living room’s foremost authority on those three items as well.


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