Innocent lives hurt when businesses break the law

These criminal enterprises are no better than fake businesses set up to launder drug money, and they damage they do to the communities in which they operate can be as bad, or worse.

When federal agents raided a chain of Chuy’s Restaurants across Arizona and California, more than 40 illegal aliens were arrested, along with several of the chain’s top executives were arrested, including the father-and-son owners and their accountant. Yes, LA RAZA & CO will scream and moan, but the illegal aliens apprehended here, aren’t the victims. Neither are the business owners accused of breaking the law. The real victims are the legal employees whose jobs will be lost because their employer refused to obey the law.

A federal judge released the three business leaders who allegedly masterminded the restaurant chain’s scheme to operate with a crew of illegal aliens. Worse still, the three were released without so much as bail or bond. On their own recognizance, they have simply promised to show up again at a future date for their next court hearing. This is the same promise the Obama Administration routinely makes criminal illegal aliens arrested in the United States make before releasing them again onto the streets and into our communities.

Put aside, however, any questions as to whether the “Chuy’s Three” will show for their next court date. Put aside for a moment any questions you might have about how many of the 40+ criminal illegal aliens arrested in this operation will likewise be out on the streets again in a matter of days or weeks with little or nothing more than a promise that they, too, will come back again to face punishment for their crimes.


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