Charles Davenport Jr.: ‘Racial justice’ is an absurd conception

Another perversion of justice is something called the “Racial Justice Act,” which was effectively repealed last week. “Racial justice,” like multiculturalism, is an oxymoron. Justice is colorblind; therefore, a law that takes into account an individual’s skin color (either the perpetrator’s or the victim’s) is an injustice.

Charles Davenport Jr.

One can often determine the worthiness of a social or political cause based on the language utilized by its champions. Words have precise meanings, which are established and agreed on by common usage. Consider the term “culture.” By definition, a culture consists of shared, or common, beliefs and practices. Consequently, “multiculturalism” is an oxymoron; there is no such thing as a multiculture.

Those who are interested in the restoration of cultural cohesion and unity cast a skeptical eye at the multiculturalist, whose objectives are at odds with culture, as traditionally (and properly) understood. Those who adopt the term “multiculturalism” are guilty of linguistic anarchy, among other offenses.

Closely related to multiculturalism, and chanted maniacally by the same crowd, is the term “diversity.” Of course, as traditionally understood, diversity is a useful word, one that is frequently deployed as a synonym for “variety.” Yet the linguistic anarchists have transformed diversity into a progressive political philosophy.

At the mere utterance of the term, diversity’s disciples all but bow their heads and genuflect. “Diversity,” they self-righteously proclaim, “is our strength!” (Apparently, all of these folks study and memorize the same pamphlet full of silly platitudes.) For obvious reasons, no one ever asks for evidence of this claim; nor is any provided.

Another term that has devolved in recent decades is “equality.” Although American citizens enjoy equal opportunity and equality under the law, we do not have a “right” (another abused term) to equal outcomes and an equal share of material goods. Members of Occupy Wall Street and their egalitarian allies are profoundly mistaken about this (and much else).


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