Am I Safe in Palm Desert? Should I Fear Madrassa?

We ARE the ones; however, whose political correctness not only tolerates enemies of our own people within our society, but we give them special privileges.

I sat in my safe home in Palm Desert this Thanksgiving just a skip and a hop away from beautiful El Paseo where this transplanted California girl’s dream store, Juicy Couture is.

I used to favor high-fashion designers for business, but now – living a more casual life – I love the light and fun Juicy designs, not to mention the comfort. Showing a little skin in sexy ensembles in the desert heat suits me just fine. I gave thanks to living in a country where – among many other meaningful rights I am afforded – I can freely choose to wear what I want.

The next day, relaxing at my Starbucks hang-out across the street from the stylish store, I was drawn into a discussion with a good intentioned, but sorely out of touch fellow caffeine addict about “American aggression”…

Lost in his pollyannaish; politically correct, and naive Kumbaya mentality, he felt compelled to blame America for the ills of the world. As an immigrant who has nothing but thanks for the land that gave me an opportunity to build a wonderful life, I usually take offense to such. Unfortunately I come across with this type of attitude often…

My recent post on a blog about the same subject expresses my sentiments the best:

Unfortunately it is “us or them”… Not our choice, not our preference, but reality. 

We are not the ones threatening to kill every woman man and child who does not share our beliefs. We are not the ones who teach our kids in Madrassa schools to hate and murder the innocent.


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