Are student-run newspapers biased? What is their role on campus?

There is also no justification to wave a banner of “anti-oppression” preaching cultural diversity on the surface, while at the same time masking the true intent of a radicalized group of a misguided Latino supremacists. As an American I will not celebrate Aztlan awareness and Latino supremacy week. It has no place on our campus.

Have you ever had the chance to read The student-tuition-funded Collegian supplementary insert titled La Voz De Aztlan? This newspaper insert is intended to be used as a cultural appreciation and or awareness supplement. However, recent issues have been filled with articles unrelated to the publication’s intended purpose. In an effort to celebrate “La Semana de La Raza” (week of the race) here on campus, I’d like to share a perspective with those curiously inclined to learn what’s really going on!”

To fully understand the nature of any article in La Voz, the reader must first understand a concept called Aztlan. Aztlan is a mythical place and/or idea that geographically represents the Southwest portion of the United States. Members of radical Latino hate groups believe Aztlan is stolen land from Mexico, and that it is their duty to eradicate Americans from the land. A group coincidentally on our campus known as MEChA is one such group. It is made up of misguided Latino-American students, illegal aliens and their sympathizers. The acronym MEChA translates, and literally means, The Aztlan Chicano Student Movement. Our current Associated Students, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez is an admitted MEChistA and/or MEChA member. By boasting about his Aztlan beliefs on his social networking site, Ramirez revealed how he truly feels about Americans.

La Voz de Aztlan literally translates to The Voice of Aztlan. It’s not an original name exactly. It was stolen, like their perceived land, from, an online publication of the same name that originated in the 1990s.

The website was and is still operated by members of a defunct organization called The Nation Of Aztlan. It is important to note that the Anti-Defamation League has investigated and labeled this online publication and its organization as a hate group for publishing articles similar to those found in The Collegian’s “cultural supplement.”


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