HAZMAT Called in to Remove 200 Pounds of Feces Near #Occupy Santa Cruz Camp

There’s a whole lot of squatting going on at Camp Poopstock Santa Cruz.

The Occupy Santa Cruz squatters are not only suffering from a ringworm and scabies problem…

Hazmat officials were called in to remove 200 pounds of feces from a lot near the #Occupy Santa Cruz squatter camp.

On November 15 the Occupy Santa Cruz website announced that the members had provided its own portable toilet and handwashing station and soon would be placing more toilets in the park itself.

Verum Serum posted on this disturbing report from the Mercury Times:

This week, two portable restrooms were installed in the park to supplement the one on Water Street since October, Pleich said. “I think a lot of those sanitation issues came before the portable restrooms,” Pleich said.

He added that there are hand-washing stations. “We’re doing everything we can to ameliorate this problem,” Pleich said. Protesters had asked city leaders to keep bathrooms in San Lorenzo Park open overnight.

A permit unilaterally issued by the city earlier this month required that protesters install two more portable toilets. Shauna Gunderson, another Occupy member, said the new restrooms, “put to rest the city’s largely exaggerated claims around sanitation.”


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