5 Reasons to spread 'Courage' by James Patrick Riley

Not only does ‘Courage’ make for a great evening with family and friends, but it’s also the perfect Christmas gift. Give your loved ones both episodes by ordering “Courage for Christmas”.

Hi, folks.  James Riley here.  I wrote, directed, and acted in “Courage, New Hampshire,” and on behalf of the whole Courage, New Hampshire family (literally hundreds of people help make these episodes), I need to spend some time selling, so pay heed and spread the word.



In 18th century New England you settled fights at the local public house where the tavern  keeper was justice of the peace as well.   In the first episode we settle a bastardy case and in the second we deal out justice to counterfeiters and burglars.  In  1770 New Hampshire, redcoat deserters from Boston were known to take shelter in the backwoods townships, and you’ll see encounters between the lobsters and the locals.   We screened over 600 working actors for these episodes, and it shows in their performance. Did I say it already?  It’s fantastic drama.  Okay,  I’m going to up the ante:  it’s better than any period drama that’s been on television in ten years.

Reason #2 – IT IS SMART

Abby Lamb

Courage, New Hampshire isn’t for dumb people. We spend weeks pouring over colonial newspapers, journals, and literature to make sure the language is appropriate, the clothing is accurate and the sets evoke both the feeling and the reality of the era.  You aren’t going to hear “We Are the Champions” playing over a militia muster in these episodes, and you aren’t going to see King Henry VIII cavorting around like a porn star in brocaded silks.  Courage, New Hampshire is the real thing.  It isn’t dressed up to pander to this generation’s pop culture version of the past.   For that reason, it won’t be for everyone, but if you really like history, and good story, it will be for you.


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