Mothers to save Russia from extinction

The basic goal of the program is to form people’s attitude to family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood as life’s greatest values by recreating the spiritual and moral potential of the Russian family.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Russia becomes extinct slowly but surely. According to the UN, Russia is ranked fourth on the list of depopulating countries. To struggle with the crisis, authorities and public organizations elaborate many different programs. One of them is called “The Holiness of Motherhood.”

UN specialists created the “map of extinction,” on which Russia was ranked fourth among other fast-depopulating countries. The company, which Russia has on this list, includes Macao, Hong Kong, Bosnia, Malta, Slovakia, Singapore, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. If nothing changes for the better, the native population of these countries will disappear by 3200. Russia will become an empty place 350 years earlier than that. To put it in a nutshell, in 800 years, the Russian population (in the modern sense of this word) will become extinct without any wars and cataclysms.

Specialists from the Berlin University delivered a report at the Moscow Carnegie Center not so long ago. The report was titled “The Disappearing World Superpower.” According to the report, Russia will naturally lose as many as 35 million people by 2050. The demographic situation in Russia leaves much to be desired indeed. The percentage of large families in the country is small. However, the number of abortions in Moscow alone makes up nearly 50,000 a year (1.5 million in Russia on the whole).


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