Davy Crockett's Tennessee heirs now battle Islam

Tennessee Freedom Coalition’s Raymond Baker told WND that Middle Tennessee “has become Ground Zero” for a little-known Obama administration resettlement program that has brought a massive wave of Muslims with no interest in assimilation. “Somalis are being flown in with no health checks, and for five years we’re being required to give them free food, clothing, shelter, medical care – anything that they need.”

The Tennessee church that gave a platform earlier this year to the Dutch politician who was barred from the U.K. for his view of Islam found itself in crosshairs once again when a conference billing itself as America’s first on countering the rise of Shariah was forced to find a new venue after threats of violence from Muslims caused its host hotel to cancel.

Organizers of yesterday’s Preserving Freedom Conference at Cornerstone Church in Madison, Tenn., say the decision by the management of the Hutton Hotel in Nashville just two weeks ago to cancel a binding contract because of intimidation by Muslims was a poignant illustration of the primary message of more than two dozen speakers.

“We are at the stage here of self-imposed Shariah law at the threat of violence,” conference Chairman William J. Murray of the Religious Freedom Coalition told a gathering of about 500.

Cornerstone Church was the venue for a speech in May by the controversial Geert Wilders in which he warned Americans not to “make the mistake which Europe made.”


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