A Rasmussen Reports Study Says 79% Of People Think America Is Too P.C.

“When we get to a point when the language doesn’t mean anything because you can’t understand what we’re talking about and it becomes not useful, then you’ll see the pendulum start to go back and people will, by necessity, say to each other let’s get over it.”

A new Rasmussen Reports poll said 79% of people see political correctness as a serious problem in America. That’s up five points from a year ago. Just 16% feel it’s not a problem for the country. 58% believe America has become too politically correct, while 18% think the country isn’t politically correct enough and 15% feel it’s about right.

That survey got us asking where did political correctness begin and how far could it go? So attorney Locke Clifford with the firm Clifford, Clendenin, & O’Hale shared his perspectives.

Clifford said, “It seems to me that this political correctness, p.c. if you will, goes hand in hand with the rise of the quality of various subgroups and the subgroup could be racial, it could be ethnic, it could be medical. For instance, you don’t hear, as we discussed earlier, we don’t hear somebody referred to as a cripple anymore, and that was a common term when I was growing up. We now talk about people who are orthopedically challenged.”


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