Undercover Tape Exposes Pay For Play At Rutgers University

Professor Keefe’s ensuing attempt to squirm out of this scandal, when confronted on-camera with a transcript of his remarks, is highly entertaining.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have published some striking new undercover investigative work, revolving around Professor Jeff Keefe of Rutgers University, and his expressed willingness to suppress a study that would prove inconvenient to labor unions.

The state of Ohio is currently preparing to vote on S.B. 5, a bill that would reform collective bargaining practices which have left the state $46.5 billion in the hole (putting every Ohio citizen $6150 in debt on behalf of the labor unions.) Professor Keefe does research for the Economic Policy Institute, a union-friendly think tank.

When a Project Veritas operative contacted the Professor in the guise of an Ohio Education Association representative, and asked for EPI to kill a study that would hurt the union crusade against S.B. 5, he found Keefe – frequently quoted as an unimpeachable authority on left-wing blogs – to be very accommodating:


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