Suicide of a Superpower: An Interview with Pat Buchanan

“I think it is not improbable to suggest that as a country and as a people Americans really will not exist anymore, except as maybe a collection of tribes who are basically at war with each other, for riches, rewards.” Pat Buchanan

Comments on the interview by Jeffers M. Dodge 10-26-2011

The American government as a nation state cannot balance our budget, control our boarders or win our wars. The nation’s cradle faith, Christianity, is declining and all this is happening at the same time. Can America stop going to war with its self, rich against poor, race against race – has the concept of the great melting pot failed?

The Soviet Union disintegrated into 15 separate Nations in 1991. Each of these nations were separate both ethnically and geographically. By 2041 America will be divided up among 4 separate groups; African Americans, Asian America, Europeans (white folks) and Hispanics. Our metropolitan areas will be divided up into enclaves specific to philosophy, ideology, race and culture except for the southwest which will be predominately Hispanic and tied to Mexico.

Why did we lose 50,000 factories and almost 6 million mfg jobs in the first decade of the 21st Century? Both Parties embrace globalization when America had the highest standard of living, highest wages and the strongest regulations on manufacturing in the world. Then we put these factories into competition with factories in China where people make a dollar or two and hour, no unions, no regulations and the Chinese government that will fire any workers that descent. What we got is a massive transfer of production out of the United States and into China. Both parties are responsible for this as well as the open border policies that have created the widest income gap in history. No wonder so many Americans are disenchanted with their government. No wonder we have the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.


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