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In the music industry, there are very few artists who surpass superstar status to become true American icons. Hank Williams Jr. is a founding member of that elite club. Throughout his career, he’s helped shape our countryâ’s cultural landscape with his unbridled creativity, from the gut honesty and unwavering personal convictions. His music not only reflects his own life, but the common experiences that unite us.

Hank Jr. has long been the voice of the common man, serving up observations on life and society that have made his fans listen intently and respond with a rousing “Hell Yeah!” as he puts words and music to their thoughts, hopes and everyday life. He does that again on his latest album with the song, “Stirring It Up.” In his inimitable brash style he takes tabloid talk show hosts to task for their emotional muckraking and challenges anyone “who ain’t sure about me to take it up with Gretchen, Tim, the Rock and Sean Hannity.”

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Hank Williams, Jr. (

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