Germany's Political Correctness Losing Grip on Culture

Virtually all of the Western nations have to deal with some political correctness, but it has been a powerful force in Germany. Publicly expressing the wrong opinion about sex, gender, climate change, or Muslim immigration could get you in trouble.

America has plenty of political correctness, but nothing like Germany, where political correctness has ruled the culture.

But there are signs things are changing.

Eva Herman was once Germany’s face on the nightly news. She was voted Germany’s favorite television news anchor in 2003.

But her life and her career took a dramatic turn with the birth of her first child, when she discovered the joy of motherhood.

“I was a typical career woman,” Herman said. “I had a baby pretty late in my 30s, and it really changed my perspective on life and turned my world upside down.”

She decided to write about the importance of motherhood. With her books “The Eva Principle” and “The Noah’s Ark Principle,” she became a champion of family values and stay-at-home moms.


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