Multiculturalism and Religiously-Sanctioned Rape

Whereas humanization requires the entertainment of evil, multiculturalism requires the denial of evil. Whereas a good parent raises all his children to be moral philosophers, a multiculturalist raises all his children to be morally blind.

Ethnically diverse manifestations of behavioral excellence are rightly to be celebrated. However Multiculturalism’s moral anarchy beckons a more circumspect examination. Naively concluding that all religions — including atheism masqueraded as secularism — are good, may invoke the blissful release of endorphins into the brain. Nonetheless we will show that such Pollyanish thoughts are an acid to our humanity.

The Multiculturalist Dehumanization Agenda

It is a cultural universal to humanize our children by invoking stories, like Hansel and Gretel or Snow White, which involve a contrast between good and evil. Although it is psychologically taxing for a child to imagine an evil witch, such descriptions of evil are used as moral medicine. Name the culture and one can find an analogous popular narrative where redemption is couched in a battle involving a virtuous protagonist facing an evil oppressor.

The more evil and powerful the oppressor, the more it is possible to showcase greatness of character. To be polite in polite company is one thing, to have poise and evidence moral beauty in a context of significant oppression is another.


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