A disgusting insult to the British people – Immigrants create the Third World in Britain

We can see no logical reason to change the cultural norms and values which made our country prosperous and civilised in order to accept the cultural norms and values of immigrants from Third World countries which have never offered their inhabitants the peace and prosperity that exists in Britain.

What has been obvious to the British National Party and its supporters for years has now become all too shockingly apparent to the British people, which is that if you import vast numbers of people from the Third World, you end up with a Third World country like the ones that they left behind.

Along with Third World crimes that were unknown (and unbelievable) in Britain a short 60 years ago, Third World diseases that were never known or had been eliminated here, Third World languages that often make English appear to be a minority language in its birthplace – even though it is spoken throughout the world, Third World corruption that would make even the politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con parties shudder and Third World standards in our schools, hospitals and public services, we now see our once green and pleasant land converted to a Third World slum with garage and garden shed shanty towns littering the immigrant-dominated suburbs of our cities.

Not content with leaving the hellholes that they originated from and grateful for the chance of a life in our once civilised and prosperous country, these Third World immigrants want everything their own way – to recreate their homelands, cultures and way of life here while enjoying a standard of living, wages, benefits and public services that their ‘hallowed’ homelands and cultures failed to give them.


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