Marine Le Pen Believes She Will be the Next French President (Video)

“The truth here is we have nothing to offer to people in our country. At the moment we can only offer them poverty. There is a moral responsibility here for us that we start first with security, safety and prosperity for our own people.” Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen tells Adam Boulton why she thinks she can win

Marine Le Pen, the daughter of party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, says she admires the British government’s stance on crime.

“When you had riots in Great Britain, the reaction was very firm and strong with regard to the law,” she told Sky News’ Boulton and Co show.

Ms Le Pen also cited the UK’s relative stability as an example of how France’s economy need not suffer from pulling out of the euro.

“Your country is not in the eurozone and you don’t have the least desire to be in it. You do not tolerate this kind of taking away of your freedom,” she said.

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