Groups want 'John and Ken' show off the air

The National Hispanic Media Coalition led what some believe was a successful campaign to get television host Lou Dobbs off the air at CNN for similar reasons. Dobbs resigned days after the coalition’s president met with the head of the news network, but the network has denied that the meeting led to the resignation.

John Kobylt, left, and Ken Chiampou host an afternoon show on Los Angeles’ KFI-AM (640). On Sept. 1, they gave out the cellphone number of an immigrants’ rights activist, who then received many angry calls.

The popular KFI radio hosts gave out the cellphone number of an immigrant rights activist, prompting hate-filled calls. Minority and immigrant rights groups say they will boycott advertisers if the show isn’t taken off the air.

Long-time immigrant rights activist Jorge-Mario Cabrera is used to being called to task for his views. But when radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou recently gave out his cellphone number on the air in a campaign against the California Dream Act, he found himself unprepared for the barrage of hate-filled phone calls that followed.

“Hi, this message is for Mr. Cabrera,” one caller said in a voice mail transcribed by Cabrera. “Listen, you pile of garbage…You need to pack your [expletive] up and go back to wherever it is you came from. Nobody wants you here. You are invading the legal people that are in this country and ruining this country. I hope you choke in your own vomit.”


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