You Say You Want a Revolution?

Both parties are filled with members who are comfortable spending billions of your tax dollars without losing sleep thinking about the debt our federal government has created for you. Let the revolution begin.

It may be time for a revolution.

President Obama is reaching new lows in his job-approval rating, yet he forges ahead with a stimulus plan loaded with new taxes and government jobs for his pals. Congress is even more unpopular than the President. Lawmakers have not repealed ObamaCare, reformed entitlement programs or done anything to slash the $14.7 trillion in debt Washington has created for you. This country is on a dangerous course.

We desperately need some real change in Washington.

President’s Stimulus Plan

The details of the President’s stimulus plan are out, and they aren’t pretty. The plan has a price tag of $447 billion, according to the White House. A more accurate cost should be out this week when the Congressional Budget Office scores this plan. It will cost the taxpayers nothing, because it is a political document not likely to pass Congress. But it will likely be the centerpiece of President Obama’s campaign to blame Republicans and the Tea Party for his own failings.


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