Tea Party Parks Itself in Beverly Hills

Singer and resident Pat Boone headlines a rally thrown by the Beverly Hills Tea Party.

A temperature of 98 degrees in Beverly Hills on Sunday did not stop the city’s tea party organization from rallying at Beverly Gardens Park.

Hundreds of people showed up to the event headlined by singer Pat Boone. Some came dressed in revolutionary garb, others clad in red, white and blue. Many carried signs, including Linda Reedy, who drove up from San Diego to attend.

“We thought it’d be great to come up here to give them some support,” said Reedy, who received loud applause from the crowd when she unveiled a sign that read, “Thank God for Fox News.”

Reedy said this wasn’t her first tea party rally.

“Every one has its own personality,” she said. “I’ve been comfortable at every rally I’ve been to. I feel like I’m around very good people.”


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