YWC Creates Waves At Liberal Campus

Finally after nearly two hours of attacks the SGA held their vote. With a two thirds majority we secured the Youth for Western Civilization a place here at Towson University.

On September 13th 2011 free speech won a heroic victory over the radical leftists attempting to silence it at Towson University in Maryland. The newly SGA affiliated Youth for Western Civilization chapter at Towson was passed with a 10 to 5 vote by the student senators. Prior to the YWC chapter being passed however, multiple student organizations petitioned the SGA to violate both school rules and multiple Supreme Court rulings by silencing the prospective group.

This is traced back to the article I wrote on August 29th about several homosexual groups’ attack on traditional values with examples such as “In California prior to the vote on Proposition 8, a senior citizen who was at a rally to support traditional marriage was carrying a large cross instead of a picket sign when homosexual bigots converged on the woman, knocked the cross out of her hands and stomped on it in front of a crowd of cheering “peaceful gay rights activists.” The article quickly spread amongst the Towson Queer Student Union and all of its members because of the fact it was written by a fellow Towson student.

Before I and my fellow YWC members set foot on campus for the fall semester, the “progressive” elements of Towson had organized to oppose the foundation of a Youth for Western Civilization chapter. The constant claims of the left that no one will agree with the message of YWC on Towson’s very leftist campus were quickly dispelled when, within two days, eight students had been signed up. The approval of our chapter’s constitution meant that only a student senate vote would stand in the way of Towson having a Youth for Western Civilization chapter.


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