Video: Andrew Breitbart Makes First Film Appearance in Tea Party TV Series

Colony Bay Productions is dedicated to telling the adventurous, heroic and exceptional story of America in a way that both challenges and inspires the audience.

Governor Wentworth seeks to secure his hold over pre-revolutionary war New Hampshire. A counterfeiter and a burglar face 18th century justice. The town of Courage weighs the merits of a new pastor, and Abby Lamb encounters an odd fellow taking up residence at her family’s old home. Cameo appearances by Mike Gallagher and Andrew Breitbart.

Members of the Tea Party have created a TV show set in Colonial era. Jonathan Wilson, the co-founder of Colony Bay Productions, tells Julie Banderas the story about what part of the time the show starts and explains how they wanted to “chronicle the American Revolution through the prospective of the average citizen.” Plus, the co-founder goes into how he got involved with the Tea Party and how it opened his eyes up to this period in time.

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