Labor movement's detour to the left by Tom Tancredo

Today, as in 1924, there exists an unholy alliance between Big Business hungry for cheap labor and ethnic lobbyists like the National Council of La Raza eager to expand their power and influence. What has changed is the conduct of the labor unions.

There is a skunk at the picnic.

Labor Day used to be the end-of-summer holiday celebrating the dignity and value of honest labor. But today’s labor leaders have turned their backs on that all-American, patriotic holiday. They think it’s all about politics.

America’s labor movement has strayed a long way from its original mission. Take, for example, the attempt by local union officials in Wausau, Wis., to exclude Republican participation in a Labor Day parade. Such shenanigans illustrate how today’s labor leaders are more interested in playing partisan politics than they are in the bread-and-butter issues of jobs and wages.

Nowhere is this sad development more obvious – and odious – than the unions’ position on immigration. If there is one force in American politics that should be fighting for immigration control, it is organized labor. Decades of mass immigration have eroded wages and working conditions for millions of American working people. Especially in the construction trades, hospitality and tourism, millions of jobs now held by illegal aliens were once held by working-class Americans.


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