City inspection uncovers 'Third World conditions'

Coachella Valley newspapers were shocked to find hundreds of illegal mobile home parks with people living in “Third World conditions”. Cities now “uncover” what they’ve always known.

Conditions at Vintage Palms Apt: Indio officials look over the living conditions at Vintage Palms Apartments after residents made complaints.

Rafael Esquivel has stopped having barbecues on his second-story porch at the Vintage Palms apartment complex in Indio because of a foul stench from overflowing trash containers across the driveway from his place.

Each corner of Jacqueline Lopez’s living room at the same complex, along with her children’s closet, is infested with German cockroaches that can be seen huddling en masse.

These are just a few of the code violations and health and safety issues city officials noticed Thursday during a daylong inspection of the complex that resulted two units being red- tagged as uninhabitable and a set of stairs closed off because wooden planks were deemed unsafe.


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